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Chapter 1 

I was sitting in the kitchen eating some earth fruit with robin when I saw Beastboy staring at raven while she was reading. "Robin why is beastboy starring a raven?" Robin looked at beastboy and looked at Raven "I don't know Starfire. I'll talk to him later."
"YO EARTH TO BEASTBOY WANNA PLAY ANOTHER ROUND OR WHAT?" Cyborg said I quickly looked away from Raven and said "uh..Sure!" Why was I starring at her? Wait do I have A CRUSH ON HER!?!? This is bad real bad. I'm GREEN how could she like me back. "Why we're you starring at Raven anyway" Cy said my face started to burn "DUDE minds your own business!" I yelled 
I was on my way to my room when starfire walked to me and said "Friend Raven did you notice the stare from Beastboy?" Wait Beastboy was starring at me? "" "May I please come in? I wish to have the girl talk." She said why does she have to go to my room. "Cant we go to your room instead?" I said. She blushed and said "Of course.We shall have the girl talk in my room!" She grabbed my hand and ran torwards her room.
I saw Beastboy playing video games With Cyborg "Um...Beastboy can I have a word with you?" He looked at me then Cyborg "Cyborg you better not unpause that game!" He said. He got up from the seat and walked with me to the hall "Beastboy me and Starfire saw you starring at Raven earlier."
OH CRAP HE SAW THAT! Now he's probably going to give me like a 5 hour lecture about it and how she's never going to like me and he doesn't want my heart broken like what Terra did and CRAP like that. "Beastboy be honest do you like Raven?" I couldn't lie to my leader but he might tell the others. "Promise not to tell?" I asked "Fine I promise" I hesitated for a moment. "Yes I like her." He opened his mouth to say something else but Cyborg Walked in and said "YO BB GET YOUR GREEN BUTT IN HERE NOW BEFORE I HIT THE PLAY BUTTON!!" I ran in there and sat on the couch "Dude how did you know my butt was green?" I asked and I was serious "Because your skin is green and unless you dye it a different color then your butt is green." He said obviously annoyed "oh right." He hit the play button and we started to play Mega Bubble Maze 4

I was having the girl talk with Raven when I heard some noises in the closet "Friend Raven What was that?" Raven looked at the closet and said "Probably Silky." I walked towards the closet because the Silky might want to join the girl talk as I got closer I saw the shadow of the feet in the crack under the door. "That is not the Silkie!"

"Oh come on Starfire, it's probably Beastboy playing a prank on us again." I walked towards the closet, opened the door and Starfire screamed as a hand covered my mouth.

I was about to beat Beastboy in Mega Bubble Maze 4 when I heard Starfire scream not just any scream, a scream for help, then nothing. Me and Beastboy looked at each other. Robin ran the fastest I've ever seen him run towards Starfires room with us following. Muffled screams came from inside the door followed by the sound of shattering glass. Robin kicked down the door to see Starfire and Raven thrown over the shoulder of Slade as he jumped out of the window.

BBRae: Lifes Not Fair by GothicUnicorn21

/ / / / / ©2013-2015 GothicUnicorn21
Sorry so short and crappy. This the first time I ever wrote a story like this. Before you go and say mean things remember this is my very first devitation EVER IN MY LIFE!!!!!
chapter 2: check my gallery
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KokoMollin Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yhea, it was really good, but remember to take it a little slower, do pauses and make it more clear when they are talking. 

"Like this?" You ask me. 
"Yes, perfect," Bouncing Up and Down c:

Hihi, you get it...
Btw, I love your story!An Emoticon From Years Gone By 
Sparklegamergirl Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
That was good. Really well written.
GothicUnicorn21 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Student Writer
OMG thank you! I worked so hard on that.
Sparklegamergirl Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
It was really good
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